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If your home or business is insulated, believe it or not, you may actually need to have that insulation removed. You might be wondering what would necessitate the removal of insulation. Well, we will gladly tell you that when your existing insulation has been damaged by a fire, has been damaged by water or has become infested with rodents, the only option is to remove that existing insulation and start from scratch with the installation of fresh, brand new insulation.

Affordable Insulation specializes in insulation removal in Sacramento, CA, and it is a service that we take very seriously.

Typically, if a home or a business needs to have more insulation installed to bring it up to the proper current ratings, new insulation will be applied directly over the old insulation until the current rating is met; however, when it comes to extensively damaged insulation, applying a new product over the damaged product is like applying a band aid to a gaping wound. In order to properly repair the problem and ensure that your home or business is insulated efficiently, we make sure to remove all of the damaged insulation and start the installation of new insulation from scratch.

At Affordable Insulation, we have developed a technique that allows us to safely and effectively remove that old, damaged insulation. After rolling up the insulation and packing it up in sealed bags, it will be carefully removed from your home or office. If you old insulation is blown-in, we will use the proper vacuum tool to safely remove it.

In either removal process, we will follow-up with a thorough cleaning of the surfaces that the old insulation had contact with. This will provide us with a clean, bacteria-free surface to apply the new insulation over.

If you believe that your home or business needs its current insulation removed, give us a call today to set up a consultation!

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